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We Help You Build Your Business Online... so You can Focus on Doing What You Love
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Dr. John Yasmer (Founder)

John Yasmer is a practicing radiologist and the founder of Yasmer Consulting. John is a mindfulness teacher and has been practicing and researching mindfulness for 25 years. He also has more than 15 years of experience in implementing productivity systems and digital strategy.

John started Yasmer Consulting to help entrepreneurs grow their business online so that they can focus on doing what they love.

What Our Team Can Do For You

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness can help you to get focused and deal with stress so that you can get more done in your business and have more time to be fully present while doing the things that you love. We'll teach you science based techniques that will have you seeing benefits in just 12 minutes per day and we'll show you the trick to building lasting habits that will help you to practice consistently.

Productivity for Entrepreneurs

As your business has grown, has it increased in complexity? Do you find yourself pulled in a thousand directions and never able to get through your to-do list? Traditional productivity systems don't work for entrepreneurs. We'll help you get more done with less effort using techniques specifically designed for the way entrepreneurs' brains work.

Funnel Optimization

You work hard to create great content that will help people. We'll help you create systems that turn more of your prospects into customers, get them to purchase more from you and turn your existing customers into repeat customers. You'll be able to grow the bottom line of your business and best of all, we'll help you  to automate the process so that you're not adding extra complexity to your business.

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